The Gorilla EP

by Gorilla De Vil

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Recorded in the home of Nick Stola
Special thanks to Jason Boniello for the trumpet!
email us at we will play in you basement or just about anywhere!


released July 21, 2012

Nick Stola- Vox Guitar
Doug Lee-Drums
Ryan Delbango-Guitar vox



all rights reserved


Gorilla De Vil Wantagh, New York

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Track Name: Loosely Lucid
You so timidly take off your final layer
Well look at me so perfectly accompanied
I don’t want to ruin this with words
so I wont
Ill shut the fuck up
Track Name: This Disease We’ve Created Matches My Suit and Alligator Shoes
We found
A lump in the side of the beautiful monument
An imperfection and we can’t help but thinking we can cure it
Cocktail to the side of the hospital
Computer chip brains got me thinking it’s impossible
But it’s possible
Time please don’t strip us of what we have now
You can’t ask me to stay like this forever
I can’t make you stay like this forever
Track Name: Duck Puddle
I saw her there denim cut off at the thighs
When I asked her which was is home?
and she said anywhere or nowhere could be my home
So we hopped in my car, with dirt stained glasses
And a quarter clipped cigarette hanging out of her mouth we drove
And I started to tell her about everything I knew
From ticket stubs to choices I procrastinate to make
I told her how I never stray from my crutch much
And I even told her how much I hate her
When she said drive you see I’m trying to get away
And I’m no good for anyone so I won’t be good for you
If you’re looking for the answer go dig in the dirt
Cuz you won’t find it here
No no you won’t find it here
Track Name: Gazebo Jones
Glossy water levitates reflections of neon lights
As ripples distort its view
And somehow it feels like new
The Atlantic, is stained on the inside
Of my eye lids
And I don’t think, that I can, ever
Appreciate it again
The warmth felt right but I don’t think I’m ever going back to it
My arms are tied and I don’t think I’m ever detaching them again
This is our disaster
Watch us destroy
Our glue and plaster
As days go by
A little faster
This is our disaster
This free time feels so guilty and I’m afraid of my body
This free time feels so guilty and I’m detached from my body
Ohh no not you
Ohh no not you not now
Track Name: My Mom Pulled Glass Out Of My Toe
An abyss of bliss!
Mossy hands, wooden fences, ivy wrapped, around the front lawn
Climbing Cape Cod trees, as leaking thoughts spew, and drip all over my knees
Captured in summertime sprawls and friendly summertime brawls
Sincerity suddenly speaks so clearly and better things they mean so much to me
I never thought exploding could be so calming, until I gnawed off my leg
And stood relentlessly oddly, defeated by everything that once was a part of me